A guide to building the Sol 2 keyboard, available at RGBKB.
Be careful around the LEDs, the perimeter ones are fragile!

In order to reach MAXIMUM BRIGHTNESS you will need to flash the pre-compiled file on the github repo or compile your keymap with "RGBLIGHT_FULL_POWER = yes" in

Parts list

    Sol 2 keyboard PCB kit
      Left and right PCBs, LED PCBs, and rubber feet
    1.6mm plate kit
      Two plates, 10x M2.5 7mm standoffs and 20x screws
    4.8mm gasket-mount plate kit
      Left/Right plates, 10x M2.5 6mm standoffs, 20x screws, and 20x O-rings (Mcmaster-Carr 9262K511)
    Regular Polycarb frames
      Left/Right frames, 10x M2.5 screws
    Full Hand Polycarb frames
      Left/Right frames, 16x M2.5 screws, fullhand LED PCBs, 8x jumper wires

You will need

    2u PCB-mount Stabilizers (0-4, depending on layout)
    Switches: 68-74 MX or Kailh Choc
      Kailh Choc switches not compatible with CNC case
    Keycaps, all Ergodox sets are compatible
    Type C cables, one for the PC and one to connect the halves
      Your interconnect cable must be data capable (at least USB1.0)
      The PC cable should be at least 3A capable
    (Optional) For DIY LEDs, you will need WS2812B LEDS
    (Optional) Compatible OLED panels must use the SSD1306 Driver
    (Optional) Rotary Encoder, most marked for Arduino will work, none with the PCB included

Detailed part notes:

    MX switches which support SMD LEDs will give the best backlighting effect. Almost all Kailh switches have a cutout for the LED. All Kailh Choc low profile switches also have a cutout for the LED. Kailh BOX/Choc switches will not be able to have their tops opened after soldering. Cherry and Gateron have a lineup of RGB switches. Any switch with a transparent bottom housing will work great.
    The PCB supports Holtite 8P2/8P2 sockets for the MX holes.. The Mill-Max sockets that are popular may not work.
    For tenting you can get two pairs of the standard CNC feet that most 60% cases come with (found here or here) These will give you a ~5deg tilt.
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