A guide to building the Zen 2 keyboard, available at RGBKB.

Parts list

You will need to trim your switch pins down to <2.0mm. This won't make them unusable in other boards, just a little more difficult to solder in.
  • The Zen 2 keyboard kit includes:
    • PCBs, FR4 plate, screws, nuts, TRRS jack and springpins
    • If you're making your own PCBs, these are the parts:

You will need

  • 2 PCBs. Top, middle, and bottom are included.
  • 2 Optional type-C (TYPE-C-31-M-12) ports (difficult to solder)
  • 66 1N4148w diodes, thru-hole or SMD. SMD is required for Choc switches.
    • While most are ok, check that the SMD diode height is close to or less than 1mm.
  • 66 100NF 0805 capacitors
  • 66 SK6812 or WS2812b RGB LEDs
  • 16 2x1 2.54mm Pin headers
  • 2 5V/16MHz Pro Micros with pins (official, blue clone, or black clone), pairs are also available at RGBKB. The PM will have limited brighness compared to the Elite-C. Also compatible with the Elite-C and Proton C. Proton-C does not have working split code yet.
  • 66 Switches, MX or Choc
  • 10 M2.5 x 5mm standoffs for MX builds only (recommended to help assembly) Hex must be <5.2mm wide.
  • (Optional) 2 Rotary encoders
  • TRRS or Type C cable for interconnect
  • USB cable
  • Keycaps, any Ergodox-compatible set will work.

Detailed parts notes:

  • The Type-C ports are difficult to solder. Screwing them up can result in damage to your controller. Only proceed if you can test the board after soldering and make sure there are no shorts.
  • MX switches which support SMD LEDs will give the best backlighting effect. Almost all Kailh switches have a cutout for the LED. Kailh BOX/Choc switches will not be able to have their tops opened after soldering. Any switch with a transparent bottom housing will work great.