Flash your PCBs and test them before soldering the board together. Check the assembly page for the DIP switch configuration.

Sol uses QMK firmware. Documentation on installation, keymaps and compiling can be found here.

You do not need to install bash or compile anything if you plan on using the default keymap.

If QMK Toolbox doesn't work, try these steps

To install the default keymap:

  1. Install AVRdudess

    1. You may need to install Atmel Flip drivers and follow this guide after resetting the board.

  2. Download the left/right eeprom files​

    1. Right-click and "Save link as.."

  3. Flash the left half

    1. Programmer: Choose FLIP USB DFU protocol version 1 (doc7618)

    2. Port: usb

    3. MCU: ATmega32U4

    4. Flash: choose your hex file

    5. EEPROM: chooseeeprom-lefthand.eep

    6. Flip the #4 (Master) switch to ON

    7. Plug in the left half and toggle the reset switch (position #6) on and off

    8. PressProgram!

  4. Flash the right half

    1. Flip the #4 (Master) switch to ON

    2. Plug in the right half alone

    3. Follow the same steps as the left, but chooseeeprom-righthand.eep

    4. Flip the #4 (Master) switch to OFF

  5. Plug the leftmost port into your PC, and the two middle ports into each other.

  6. After the initial setup, you can update your keymap using QMK Toolbox, and you only need to flash the master half.

For custom layouts:

  1. Install Bash on Windows

  2. Install and setup QMK and Avrdudess

  3. Edit your keymap as desired and compile hex file

  4. Flash the hex and left/right eeprom to each half (follow guide above)

Follow these instructions for setting up QMK and flashing on Windows