Instructions for Sol-SF and Sol-FH


  1. Prepare the tops (Sol-SF only)

    1. Attach the "L" steel pieces (item 2) to the aluminum top (item 1) using two screws each (item 7).

    2. Attach the large steel insert (item 3) to the aluminum top using six screws.

    3. Place 2mm magnets (item 4) inside the 5 holes in the wrist area

    4. For final assembly, use 10mm magnets (item 6) on the "L" pieces, and use 8mm magnets (item 5) on the large steel insert.

Sol-FH & Sol-SF

  1. Prepare the bottom plates

    1. Attach the plate rubber to the brushed (opposite of the mirror-like surface) side of the bottom plate. The recommended method is to align the corners to the holes, then push down the middle area.

    2. Place the interconnect PCB as shown, with the bumps facing towards the outside of the case.

  2. Assemble the case the same as a regular Sol 3, but put o-rings on the wrist LED PCBs and place in the corresponding spots in the middle section.

The LED PCBs have been mislabeled right/left, use them in the oppposite side indicated.

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