In order to use Remap, you must flash your keyboard with the above firmware.

Remap your keyboard here

Sol 3 uses QMK firmware. Documentation on installation, keymaps and compiling can be found here.

To flash firmware:

  1. Install QMK Toolbox

    1. You may need to right-click on the gray space in QMK Toolbox and install drivers.

  2. Flash the left half

    1. QMK Toolbox: Choose the firmware .bin with Open.

    2. Reset the board by:

      1. Pressing the reset button through the small hole on the bottom of the case OR

      2. Hold the Adjust-layer key and hold the "R" key for a few seconds OR

      3. Hold the "Escape" key while plugging in the board. (Backspace for the right half)

    3. Flash: Press the flash button in QMK Toolbox.

  3. Flash the right half

    1. Repeat the above with the same .bin file.

  4. Plug the leftmost port into your PC, and the two middle ports into each other.

  5. After the initial setup, you can update your keymap using QMK Toolbox. Flash both halves if you want the keymap to work when either side is the primary.

To make your own edits to the firmware, follow this guide

If QMK Toolbox doesn't work, try these steps

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