Introduction (WIP)

Work in progress

Zygomorph board 10068-02 does not support Gateron KS-27 switches due to a manufacturing error. Future revisions will fix this.

Encoders, OLEDs, and Touchbars are still WIP in firmware

  1. To configure your Zygomorph 3 PCB, put all the slide switches on the back away from the USB port you'll be using to connect to the PC.

  2. Hold the BOOT button and tap RESET to bring up the bootloader.

  3. Drag and drop the .uf2 file into the new storage device, and you're done!

Firmware can be found here:


The FR4 plate kit includes:

  • Top plate

  • Bottom plate

  • 8x M2.5 x 3mm screws

  • 2x M2.5 x 5mm screws

  • 4x M2.5 x 8mm standoff

  • 4x M2.5 x 5mm standoff

  • 3D-printed foot

  • 4x rubber feet

To assemble your keyboard:

  1. Place your switches into the top plate

  2. Optional: install stabilizers into PCB

  3. Place PCB onto switches and solder

  4. Install standoffs with 4x 3mm screws

    1. For low profile switches, use the 5mm standoffs

    2. For MX switches, use the 8mm standoffs

  5. Install the bottom plate with the remaining screws

    1. To use the tenting foot, install it in any orientation you want and use the 2x 5mm screws

  6. Install rubber feet

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