Flash your PCBs before assembly!

Mün currently uses a fork here, specifically the /development branch. When split RGB & encoders has fully been implemented into QMK, the fork will be pulled into the master branch.

Touch buttons are currently disabled. Add keycodes to line 86 and 87 of keymap.c to enable.

Mun uses QMK firmware. Documentation on installation, keymaps and compiling can be found here.

To install the default keymap: (LED PCBs do not need to be installed)

  1. Install QMK Toolbox

  2. Flash the left half

    1. Push the slide switches into place, away from the port you want to connect to the PC. An indicator for the standard setup is on the bottom of the LED PCB.

    2. QMK Toolbox: Choose the left firmware .bin with Open.

    3. Plug in the leftmost port to the PC.

    4. Reset the board by pressing the reset switch on the PCB.

    5. Flash: Press the flash button in QMK Toolbox.

  3. Flash the right half

    1. Repeat the above with the right .bin file, using the rightmost port to the PC.

  4. Plug the leftmost port into your PC, and the two middle ports into each other.

  5. After the initial setup, you can update your keymap using QMK Toolbox, and you only need to flash the primary half.

​For custom keymaps, do the following (To be changed when Mün enters QMK master)

  1. Install QMK MSYS and open, run the following:

  2. git clone -b development https://github.com/rgbkb/qmk_firmware

  3. qmk setup - press Y when asked to install submodules

  4. qmk doctor

  5. qmk flash -kb rgbkb/mun -km default -bl dfu-util-split-left

    1. Reset the board, it will flash automatically

    2. Flash the right half with qmk flash -kb rgbkb/mun -km default -bl dfu-util-split-right

If QMK Toolbox doesn't work, try these steps

To update your repo, run the following

  1. cd qmk_firmware

  2. git remote add upstream -t development https://github.com/rgbkb/qmk_firmware

  3. git pull upstream development

  4. cd ..

  5. If dependencies have changed, you may need to re-run qmk doctor or run python3 -m pip install -U qmk

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