USB Fusion is not USB Compliant. It is designed to provide more power than what USB is designed for. Even when built correctly, your computer/keyboard is at risk of damage. You do not need to use USB Fusion to reach considerable brightness for Sol.

Parts needed:

You'll want to solder the components in the following order:

  1. USB Filter

  2. Type C ports (optional)

  3. Resistor, LED, and USB A

  4. All other components should be easy to solder

  5. Trim long legs off the bottom of the PCB

  6. Assemble top and bottom covers with screws and standoffs


You may have some issues during startup, like the following:

  1. No power: Make sure the power selection jumper is on the correct port (Sata or 5.2mm jack)

  2. You'll need to plug in the keyboard last, or the PC won't initialize USB properly.

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