Your ATmega 32A will come pre-flashed with a bootloader and default hex file. You can use QMK toolbox to flash a new layout.

Pan uses QMK firmware. Documentation on installation, keymaps and compiling can be found here.

If QMK Toolbox doesn't work, try these steps

  1. Choose ATmega32A in QMK Toolbox.

  2. Choose the hex file to flash.

    1. Choose a hex file based on your encoder and LED bypass configuration.

  3. Hold the BOOT button, tap RESET, and release the BOOT button.

    1. A device named "USBASP..." should show up.

  4. Flash the board.

  5. Done!

If your ATmega32A doesn't have a bootloader, you'll need to flash one using AVRdudess and an arduino

  • Make sure to download the bootloader hex here

  • Set MCU and fuses as indicated below

  • Wire up your arduino to the ISP pins located to the right of the MCU

  • Plug in your arduino to the PC and select the port

  • Program the ATmega32A

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