Sol 2 (WIP)

The parts list for Sol 2 is a bit different:

  • Set of PCBs: Left and Right switch and LED PCBs

  • Plates: Either 1.6mm or 4.8mm

    • Includes standoffs and screws

  • Case: Optional

    • Full Hand comes with separate PCB

  • Switches 68-74 depending on layout

  • 2u Stabilizers 0-4 depending on layout

  • Keycaps, Ergodox-style

  • Type-C cables, 3A recommended

  • Rubber feet

  • Optional rotary encoders or OLED panels

Make sure to locate your OLED and encoders correctly:

Build Process:

  1. Configure the DIP switches according to the guide on the LED PCB

    1. Flash the board according to the Sol 1 guide page, but make sure to use the rev2 configuration

    2. Test the PCB switch holes

  2. Place switches into the PCB through the plate. Test your keycaps to make sure everything fits with your layout

    1. Don't forget stabilizers!

  3. Solder your switches into the PCB

  4. Install your screw hardware as follows

    1. For Gasket Mount: From top to bottom: Screw-Oring-Plate-Oring-Standoff. A stackup view is shown below

      1. Tighten the screws so that the bottom face of the screw is flush with the top face of the plate

    2. For regular plate: Screw-Plate-Standoff

  5. Place the LED PCB on the bottom, and screw it on.

  6. Place your case over the keyboard, and screw it on from the bottom.

  7. Install your keycaps, and plug it in!